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Will a OneSimCard international SIM card work with my mobile phone?
OneSimCard will work with almost any unlocked GSM tri-band or quad-band cell phone. A partial list of compatible cell phones that we have tested can be viewed here. so onesimcard can’t working on CDMA device. But in several country eg : Japan and South Korea needs 3G mobile phone.

Can I use OneSimCard data (GPRS) service on my blackberry?
Yes! We do offer data (GPRS) service on BlackBerry devices from models 8000 and up. This is separate from BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) & Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Emails can not be pushed to the phone and BlackBerry Web Applications and Messenger will not work. However, access to web-based emails like Gmail and Yahoo as well as Internet browsing will work.

Can I pay airtime with cash?
Yes, you can pay with cash. Or you can contact us at:  cs [at] bebasroaming. com for best price.
There are over 50 cash payment options we offer including Western Union, Money Gram, Web Money and Paypal.

Expiration ?
The international SIM card phone number and account will expire if no calls are made for 2 years.
Personal Extra Numbers will stay active as long as they have been funded properly.
The SIM card balance is valid for 10 months. The balance will continuously roll over to the next 10 month period provided that at least $25 is added within 10 months after the last recharge.
If the balance expires, the service can still be used after a new recharge of the SIM card.

Is it free for someone to call my OneSimCard number using skype?
Through a unique partnership with Skype, your primary OneSimCard number (+372) can be called free of charge for any Skype user! (requires activation and special dialing instructions, see below)

· HOW: When the feature is activated, Skype users can call OneSimCard numbers for free by using a special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is the rest of the OneSimCard phone number after 372. For example, a OneSimCard user with the phone number +37212345678 should be called through Skype by dialing +37280012345678.

· TO ACTIVATE: Log in to your OneSimCard account and go to the My SIM Cards menu. Scroll down to where it says "Incoming Skype Calls" and click Enable to activate this option.

· COST: The call is free for the Skype user. The cost of receiving the Skype call is the same as receiving a call through a Personal Extra Number (PEN), i.e. the regular incoming call rate in the country you are in plus 20c/min. In countries with free


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